Luther on the Resurrection

Most Christians would probably think that in his theology that Martin Luther was primarily a cross-centered theologian. He was undeniably Christ-centered and emphasised Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, and Scripture alone.

Fred Meusner tell us though that:

Luther preached often on death and probably just as often on the resurrection. The resurrection was a melody of his sermons even when it was not the theme. In 152/33 he preached seventeen sermons in a row on 1 Corinthians 15. During the Easter season he could hardly tear himself away from the resurrection theme.

Luther made this observation in one sermon:

Paul stakes everything on the basic factor with which he began, namely, that christ arose from the dead. This is the chief article of the Christian doctrine. No one who at all claims to be a Christian or a preacher of the Gospel may deny that.

Lutheran theologian David Scaer has remarked that Luther saw Jesus’ resurrection “as the linchpin of Christianity”.

Find out more about how important the resurrection was to Luther by reading The Cross Is Not Enough chapter ten.

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