About the Book-Blog

The Cross Is Not Enough is a book-blog where the co-authors Ross Clifford & Philip Johnson invite their readers to join them in talking about the book. Our book is about discovering the centrality of Jesus’ Resurrection for the whole fabric of life. We say that Christ’s Resurrection is the lynchpin of Christianity and without it there is no life.


1 thought on “About the Book-Blog

  1. I bought a copy of this book this week and I agree very strongly with the brunt of its message. I have been to countless churches and fellowships- all well-meaning and Bible-centred- that focussed so heavily on the Cross that I wondered if there really was a resurrection (no joke). I laboured with feelings of frustration that the resurrection was so under-sold: in fact, I felt ripped off and deprived of a life-giving joy. Thanks for writing this: it’s a huge encouragement to me in my journey with God and a validation of many frustrations. Thanks!

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