The Cross Is Not Enough

Welcome to our new blog which is all about our new book, The Cross Is Not Enough: Living as Witnesses to the Resurrection. In this blog we will chat about the book, the wide-ranging effects of Christ’s resurrection on life, thought and culture, and why it is Christianity’s lynchpin. From time-to-time we will also talk about the things that we could not cram into the book.

We also extend a warm invitation to our readers to join in a continuing conversation about our book. Let’s hear from you about what you’ve discovered about Christ’s resurrection that makes a difference to you in your life and circle of friends. It should be a fun journey together!

Also take a look at what our publisher Baker Books has to say about Easter’s ‘Over’. “Now What?” They reckon that the answer to “Now What?” is found in our book. Let us know what you think  and use the portal “leave a reply” below.

If you have yet to read the book, or are trying to decide whether to buy it, then swing by The Open House and listen to the audio-file where radio host Leigh Hatcher  broadcasted an interview with the authors on Easter Sunday evening.

You can also check out Philip’s article that appeared in Eternity magazine. Take a sneak peek at our book through Google books. Last of all, if you’re still undecided, look at what other authors  from Canada, Scotland, USA and Australia are saying about it on our endorsements page. We hope you enjoy our book!